On 8 years of Veganism

From Gary Francione, Peter Singer, and various other sources… I have at lengths educated myself on the merits of veganism and even wrote an essay on why its the responsibility for the average American to be one. Well it turns out at this time in my life I may not be the average American.

Earthlings the original documentary I’ve attributed towards my conversion to veganism has lead me to understanding each being put on this earth has a purpose which includes thriving and creating more life. That being said, many advocate that thriving can happen on a vegan diet.

What is thriving?

Thriving: (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.

In my 8 years as a vegan I did grow and develop well. However that 8 years started off the back of eating tremendous amounts of junkfood and avoiding vegetables. In my teens I was known for eating Spaghettios constantly. As I developed a passion and understanding around the sentience and struggle of animals, I put their wellbeing ahead of my own.

Last Summer I really started getting serious about the gym. A strong body is a healthy body and is important in aging well. As a vegan, I incrementally increased the weight I had been able to lift at the gym. By the end of the summer I was able to deadlift the bar (45lbs). This was the point at which I was in peak physical shape of my adult life.

This is where the problems began. I had done so much research on animals, animal rights, vegan foods… all at the expense of building a diet I could thrive from. I was able to cook some protein and eat carbs in moderation. The struggle came from finding meals that matched the protein and fat intake I needed. I slowly began to lose weight until one day I did get underweight…

At this point I can say. I am no longer vegan. I still have immense compassion for the animals and aim to be vegan again one day when I know how to do it sustainably.

Cavaet: Most vegan bodybuilders started from a muscular frame. If there is an affordable vegan diet with enough protein, fat, and carbs I welcome you to link recommendations in the comments!

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